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Sep 29, 2010 12:09 PM by Discussion: Skinning

I do not use IE8, but it has been pointed out that the text in the menu bar is too light & is unreadable aginst the background colour, in my latest blind (Tewl Crohan), when I looked, the menu bar is OK on my computer, but 3 of the labels in the command bar are plain white text, the rest of the labels are controlled by the text settings in the tollbar button (6 state) & are readable, the 3 labels cocerned are Page, Safety & Tools. Can anyone please tell me which text settings control these labels colour.

All the white text in my blind has a black shadow, so I should not have plain white text set anywhere, unless I have missed putting the shadow on a setting, which is possible, as my brain failed to get out of bed with me this morning.

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May 22, 2010 4:54 PM by Discussion: Skinning

There is probably a simple explanation I am missing, but when I upload a WindowBlind preview image a moveable rectangle appears which is used to pick a portion of the image for the preview, my query is how do I get the full image to show in the gallery, as mine seems to be the only screenshots not showing the whole image.


I have just uploaded a blind & thought if I did not move the rectangle I would get a full image, but I have a screenshot in the gallery which does no justice to the blind. Any help would be appreciated, thanks.



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Feb 28, 2010 3:17 PM by Discussion: Skinning

I am having a problem with the text colour on the command bar on IE8, can anyone tell me which text setting change the colour of the text of the page, safety & tools labels, they seem to use settings different to the rest of the labels on the bar. I have changed all my text to have a black shadow, which shows up white text on a light background but the three labels remain plain white, the mouse over button seems to use the explorer command button, the normal image of this does not show up in IE8, the skin is fairly dark & uses mainly white text, I know this colour can be changed as I have checked other blinds


The second problem I have is that the text in the recent document expansion of the startmenu will not truncate but will only wrap, causing the the text to overlap, this is the third blind I have done for Windows 7, there is no problem with the first two but the same settings in this blind do not truncate the text. Has anyone any ideas? or is something on my computer causing this.

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Oct 23, 2009 7:42 PM by Discussion: SkinStudio

Working  with SkinStudio 7, in Vista Ultimate SP2, in the Change Skin Colours / Edit Vista Part Colours section, all the sections are blank, there are no default colours, if you click on the top, where the first colour nomally is, a black colour box appears with the words "unknown colour". the change colour button does not bring up the colour dialogue.

Is this a bug or is it just peculiar to my system? I have reinstalled SKS7 to no avail.

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When I upgraded form Firefox 2 to version 3 I found that I had a small problem that the links to my site, skins settings etc. on a bar just above where you log in to the site, (top right corner) were appearing on the shaded log in area & did not work, & as it was stated at the time that the site did have a few rendering problems with Firefox 3,  I use the IE tab extention to access these pages, no problem


My daughter has just aquired a new laptop, ( her old one had an altercation with a cup of tea, & lost)  I was installing some programmes, as she leads a very busy life, when I installed Firefox, the links were placed in the right area & working.


Has anyone have any ideas why this should be? I have a dual boot Deaktop with Firefox on each partition ( XP home & Vista Ultimate & Vista home premium is my daughter's OS.

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With the launch date of Windows 7 just around the corner do I keep on making WindowBlinds for XP? I am hoping to get Windows 7 sometime in the near future, as finances allow, so do I add it to my dual boot XP/ Vista computer, something which I have read on these forum does not work too well, or do I replace the XP partition with Windows 7.


I understand that many users of XP who have been reluctant to upgrade to Vista are waiting for 7 to change, (I think I have been one of the few people who actually like Vista) & with all the positive vibes about the new OS from the many who have tried the release candidate I feel that their will be a quick take up, unlike Vista, which has always suffered from a negative press. I understand that Windows 7 is based on the Vista code so that when it comes to driver compatability, etc. most company's software is ready for the release, so there will not be a problem for early users of the system.


Any thoughts on this would help me to decide which way to go in the near future.


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Sep 8, 2009 5:35 PM by Discussion: Sneak Previews

This is my present project. Icons - Sams Private Stock by PoSmedley & SAM, Cursor - Tracer by Vampothika.

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Jun 1, 2009 11:57 AM by Discussion: Skinning

One of the fascinating things about skinning is its ability to throw up a challenge, even if something has worked in all the window blinds that you had done, all of a sudden something  strange happens. My problem is when I insert a taskbar group menu background image, it also inserts itself as the Explorer background image.

I know I can work around this by making the background image very large, so that there is no tiling affect in the Explorer background, but I did not want them to be the same colour, and was just wondering if anyone had seen this problem before.

I have a dual boot computer and this is only happening on Vista, not in XP, and was apparent as soon as I transferred the images into the Vista subsection. I have uninstalled and reinstalled both SkinStudio 6  and WindowBlinds but to no avail.


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Apr 5, 2009 3:29 PM by Discussion: Community

When I started skinning, I uploaded my first skin in November 2007, I read that WinCustomize did not want members just to submit skins but to be good a community members & participate in the forums etc. Unfortunately I suffer from a very rare metabolic disorder that prevents my muscles from producing energy which results in a severe fatigue problem, (& a lot of pain) that knocks my brain & memory completely out of gear, the brain apparently takes a lot of energy to run. Because my condition is progressive it is affecting my writing skills (my spell checker is beeping almost continuously) & accentuates my fatigue problems to such extent that I am no use to man or beast, which accounts for my rare appearances in the forums virtually non-existent.

You may wonder how I manage to skin,  with the help of Stardock Virtual Desktops I open my last blind (I only skin WindowBlinds) in SkinStudio on one desktop so that I can see what I did before with one mouse click. I then work on another desktop for my new skin, I open images from my previous skin in Gimp & duplicate them which immediately gives me a template for my new image & I do not have to concentrate too much on pixel sizes which would increase the fatigue problem.

I have thought a long time about writing this, I am not looking for sympathy with this post, just stating facts, but felt I should let you know why I do not participate on the forums. When I found WinCustomise (2005) I was a lot fitter than I am today & I am so thankful I decided to have a go at skinning, it has now become a big part of my life, I feel I would be climbing the walls by now as my life has become more & more restricted by this illness.  


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Drop down menu.

Jan 13, 2009 2:46 PM by Discussion: Skinning

I recently uploaded a skin called Blue Knight, which is the first dark skin I have done. Dark backgrounds need light text colours, & there is one drop down menu i can not find how to alter the text colour.

The menu in question is the drop down one in explorer & IE7 by the forward & back buttons, the background is defined in "skin defined system colors", & the mouse over image is the menu item in controls/popup menus. I have the text colur set to white in the settings for both sections. The skin is for both XP & Vista, there are no problems in XP but in Vista the text remains black.

I have looked at a lot of Vista blinds but have not found one with light text, but a comment on Blue Knight says there are several out there that do. I know I can change the background colour, but I do not want to do this unless I have to, as I think it would alter the whole feel of the skin.

If anyone can enlighten me on this I would very much appreciate it.

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